Submit an Immigrant's Name

Honor someone with a plaque at Leif Erikson Plaza

The names of immigrants we collect will be added to plaques like this one at Seattle's Leif Erikson Plaza.

Pay tribute to a Scandinavian immigrant by adding his or her name to the thousands already displayed on plaques at Leif Erikson Plaza, located at Seattle's Shilshole Bay Marina.

You can commemorate a friend, family member, ancestor—or even yourself. The person you're honoring must be a first-generation immigrant to North America from any of the Scandinavian countries.

Submit the following information, along with a payment of $125, for each immigrant you wish to honor.

Name of immigrant: 24 spaces, including blank spaces between first and last names.
Example: J o h n   J o h n s o n   T e i g e n

Place of origin (home farm, town, city, or country): 22 spaces, including blank spaces between city and country.
Example: T r o n d h e i m   N o r w a y
Year of immigration: 4 spaces. Example: 1 9 4 7

Use the form below, or print and mail this form with a check. We'll contact you to confirm the details of your submission.

Name (24 spaces)
Place of origin (22 spaces)
Year (4 spaces)

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